Masks for Films, TV & Broadcasts

I use my creativity and high level of skill to form and compose masks according to production specifications or customer wishes. Through individual modeling using various materials, every mask can be produced with very delicate details. Professional masks for films, TV and broadcasts which are fitted to your individual face will make you appear as if the masks were forever conjoined to your actual skin. 

Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Films & Broadcasts
Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Films & Broadcasts

Make-Up Artist for Movies and Television

As make-up artist I can cover a wide range of tasks. Make-up plays an important part in film and television productions. Performers, actors and stage extras are prepared for the roles with the right make-up. Even talk shows and news programmes cannot live without a make-up artist in their make-up department. Here, the make-up artist will always produce a perfect look and complexion for presenters and guests.

The Make-Up in Films and Television

  • Make-up 
  • Show-Make-up 
  • Talk Shows 
  • News Programmes
  • Hairstyling 
  • Prostethics 
  • SFX – Special Effects
  • Stage Shows 
  • Fantasy Masks 
  • Partial Masks 
  • Full-Face Masks