Make-Up Artist for Films, TV and Theatre

To bring-out the hidden beauty in someone, turn them into a completely different creature or to simply create a different character surface; this all moved me towards turning my hobby into a profession. I have been fascinated with working with people for a very long time.

My three year studies in Berlin for my “Diplom-Maskenbildnerin” (Make-Up Artist, Diplom) truly reinforced my passion. Today I enjoy working in accordance with directors’ specifications, working accurately and in a very structured manner. You can book me as a make-up artist for films, promotions, theatre productions and photo shootings. Whether you are looking for make-up for a special night out or for special effect make-up, with my keen eye I will make you look the part.

Masks and Costumes by your Make-Up Artist

To create the whole effect, you need both a perfect mask as well as an equally perfect costume set-up. Using diverse, creative and fanciful masks made of different materials I can bring-out the assets of any person or physique. As a professional make-up artist, I can capture virtually everything on your skin or face. Pretty much anything can be conjured-up onto a mask, be it lively or realistic-looking scars or masks for fantasy or horror characters: There is nothing that cannot be conjured on a face.

As a make-up artist I also work with props, such as wigs for example, or use certain hairstyles to create beautiful and stunning masks that can turn my models into whatever appearance they are looking for.

Hairstyling and masks from head to toe

As a hairstylist and make-up artist I also look after hair-designs as well as make-up to create the desired effect. The perfect combination of hairstyle and make-up can completely change the appearance of a person and really put them into character. With a love to detail I, as professional make-up artist, can create almost every request for your mask. I will give your character or role an entirely new and individual look as well as a different personality.