Make-Up Artist for Theatre, Musicals & Opera

The fields of functions for a make-up artist go far beyond the areas for a visagist. As a professional make-up artist I will look after your actors who need that special look for stage shows. Practically no theatre play, musical or opera can do without the services that are handled by make-up artists. With a lot of creativity and attention to detail I will create the masks for your actors for stage shows, serving my part in the success of your theatre production.

Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Stage Shows
Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Stage Shows

Make-Up Artist for Stage Shows

My task, as a make-up artist is to provide your actors, artists and supporting actors with a fresh look or the right mask for a perfect appearance to set him or her in the spotlight.
It may sometimes be necessary to refresh the make-up or the mask during a performance, in order to ensure that all masks ascribed to a particular character remain a fresh appearance.

Masks for Stage Shows

  • Tying & Styling Wigs 
  • Tying and Styling Beards 
  • Tressing and Styling Hairpieces 
  • Attachable beards
  • Opera Make-Up 
  • Theatre Make-Up 
  • Show Make-Up