Partial Masks, Full-Face Masks & Prosthetics

As make-up artist I manufacture partial masks, full-face masks and prosthetics from different materials. For depicting and producing full-face masks, latex, gelatin, foam and , papier-mâché masks are the materials of my choice. Using these materials, almost all desired forms and types of masks and prosthetics can be made and depicted in a deceptively realistic way.

Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Masks & Prosthetics
Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Masks & Prosthetics

Prosthetics by a Make-Up Artist

Prostethics are tailored productions of artificial limbs, facial or body parts. With prosthetics you can re-create ears, fingers, bald heads and full-face masks with different range of materials including latex and gelatin. Due to their high accuracy of fit and the use of skin-like materials, prosthetics always have a good and tight sit and look convincingly real.

Producing Prostethics

  • Bald Heads 
  • Burn 
  • Wounds
  • Partial Masks 
  • Full-Face Masks