SFX – Special Effects Make-Up Artist

Make-up artists need to pull-out all of the strings when it comes to working with special effects. In most cases the SFX (special effects) requires the production of cuts, head wounds and burn. Even cut-off fingers can be produced with this technique, which also look convincingly real. The make-up artist ensures nobody will be able to tell the difference between SFX and an actual injury or wound.

Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · SFX – Special Effects
Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · SFX – Special Effects

SFX – Make-Up Artist for Rescue Exercises

SFX make-up artistry is not just employed in movies, television and broadcasts, but also is also an integral part in rescue exercises involving rescue workers, such as the fire brigade, police and supporting organisations.
The task of the SFX make-up artist during a rescue exercise is to depict re-create injuries, such as facial injuries, burns, lacerations or abrasions to make the exercise look as realistic as possible.

SFX – Special Effects by Make-Up Artist

  • Burns 
  • Bullet Wounds 
  • Stab Wounds
  • Cuts 
  • Injuries 
  • Burn Blisters
  • Full-Face Masks 
  • Bite Marks