Make-Up and Hairstyling by a Make-Up Artist

Perfectly finished make-up and the right hairstyle form the basis for every well-staged and successful stage-show. Not every character from a theatre piece, musical or opera has to be equipped with a mask from a make-up artist; some characters and performers can set in the right light using subtle or strong make-up. The make-up is among the expert The make-up for professionals prior to any show is an important field of work of a make-up artist.

Make-Up for Private Occasions

I can help you get just the right look for private occasions such as weddings or baptisms. The bride’s make-up needs to be tailored to the needs of the bride and will bestow your overall look with an unforgettable touch. But weddings and baptisms are not the only occasions where a perfect look is important. For occasions such as Halloween, I can provide the fitting hairstyle along with a great-looking mask. Halloween-masks have become very sought-after everywhere when Halloween parties are involved.

Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Make-Up and Hairstyling
Portfolio Make-Up Artist Berlin · Make-Up and Hairstyling

Make-Up Areas of Make-Up Artists

  • Beauty Make-Up 
  • Bridal Make-Up 
  • Old Age Make Up
  • Evening Make-up 
  • Business Make-up
  • Show Make-up 
  • Day Make-Up